Wednesday, May 31, 2006


finished! I made the medium. my chest measurement is exactly 36" and as you can see, this fits perfectly. i knit it with only minor modifications (1 set of 4 increases at the hip and i knit 35 rows before the 3 rows of ribbing for an elbow-length sleeve). you can see my funky lace that I posted about before - only if you really look for it can you tell. i've asked a bunch of people and no one thought it looked the slightest bit weird. phew.

i used Classic Elite Premiere which i loved and will probably use again (i want to see how it wears).

i'm looking away because this is the only non-blurry photo my husband took, and of course it's the one of me whipping around my head to see what that crash was coming from the general vicinity of my three year old.

Purple and Pink Gables

Here are my Green Gables. I started the first one in Raging Purple and liked it so well I bought the yarn to make one for my mom for her birthday. My bust is right at 35" but I went with the M size after reading here that they tended to run small. First, as shown in the second pic, I really screwed up the lacework. And the fit wasn't perfect, it seemed great until I blocked it. The fit is a touch loose and it really bunches in the back.
I should have added more decreases along the side and increases for the hips. You can see below that the 2 back to back rows of decrease that the pattern calls for makes a little bunch on each side. I'll be tearing this out and trying again. I think I can make it close to perfect.

I had already bought the Cotton Fleece in Cherry Moon to make one for my mom for her birthday before I had completely finished the first one. I decided, since the M came out so big, to make hers a Small (we're about the same size). Oops.
If I had done 8 rows of lacework, it might have worked out okay but I followed the pattern and it is teeny and the armholes are too high. (But the lacework was right!) I changed the decreases on this and did a few more but separated them by 5 rows. I'll be tearing this one out too.

I love the look of this sweater. This was my first knitted wearable so I knew there would be a bit of a learning curve. I can't wait to get them both tweaked just right.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006



I finished my Gable last night. It's the medium in Pink-A-Boo Cotton Fleece. I can't believe I made something besides a scarf/hat/etc. that I want to wear! I spaced out the descreases and added two increases at the hips thanks to all the great advice here. Thank you again! It has been so fun to see everyone's finished objects.

About this blocking business... I haven't done that before. Does anyone have any advice before I proceed? Also, in the back of my Gable, the neckline curls down a bit. Does anyone else have this, and what have you done about it?

Mom's Microfiber Gable

My mom liked my Gigi so much that I promised to make her one. Well, five cast-ons later, here it is in progress.

She's a bit smaller than me so I had some problem getting the sizing correct. I was so afraid of starting with the smaller size I played around with different combinations. I haven't tried this one on but I'm hoping it fits her. I'm using Lion Brand Microfiber in Turquoise. You can believe all the horror stories you hear about this yarn splitting. However, it really hasn't bothered me and I really like how it's working up. It has a very cottony feel to it and is very soft.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Green Gable #2

Happy Memorial Day!

Green Gable made its debut today. It already got wet in a water gun fight this morning. I had to dry off a bit before taking this picture.

Modifications: Just like my previous one, I knitted extra rows before the sleeves separated. I added 2 more decreases in the bust area and several increase rows in the hip area to give an hourglass silhouette. I also added a couple of inches in the length of the body and an inch in the sleeves before the ribbing.

Plum Gable

GG #2 is finished.

This time I knit the size Small rather than Medium, spaced out the waist decreases more, added hip increases, and knit 3 rounds of stockinette on the sleeves before the ribbing. All tips picked up from this KAL, so thanks to everyone for sharing their ideas!

I'm much happier with this one than the last - the Medium has ended up being too big really, so that may find its way to the frog pond ;)

I used 2 skeins of Cotton Fleece in Plum Patina.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Cotton Fleece in Plum Patina. This swatch was knit in the round using us7. I cast on 50 stitches which means that one side should be 5" (25 stitches). I also washed and blocked the swatch. I could go up to size us8, but I like how cotton fleece looks knit slightly tighter. But is it worth the sizing issue? I am a 31" bust (yah, no short rows for me, not much there!!!) and was planning on making the XS. But with this swatch, I guess I should make the next size which is a size 34" bust. I wish the pattern said how many stitches are at the bust so that I can calculate. Do any of you know/remember what the stitch count is on the size 34"?

Thanks for your help! I am so looking forward to making this sweater!

Friday, May 26, 2006


I've gotten an ink stain on my Strawberry Gable. Not only that, but I tried to figure up how many stitches should be on my needle and I think I have 6 or 7 too many and don't know how it happened. I'm considering ordering different yarn and just starting completely over. Has anyone done a stitch count for the XL size?

Something Different

I've been wanting to make something with this yarn forever, and never been able to find a pattern I loved until now. I'm kinda nervous about this though, as the yarn weight and content are completely different than what the pattern calls for. It's Blue Heron Yarns, in the rayon/metallic blend. I'm getting 6 sts/inch, and I redid all the math in the pattern based on that. I have 550 yds, which I'm praying is enough b/c this stuff is quite pricey. This is the cactus colorway, with hints of purple in it. Has anyone out there ever knit with this before? Any experience you'd like to share? I'm clacking away at this, 10 rounds in, and so far it looks great. Running out of yarn is my only concern-this stuff is really hard to find! Wish me luck!

Ribbing? I don't need no Stinkin' Ribbing!

Don't get me wrong, the original pattern is fabulous, but me being the adventurous Leo that I am, had to go and change it up.

Green Gable Front

(No, I'm not sprouting wings, stupid bra)

Green Gable Back

Yarn: Cotton Fleece in "Nymph" about 2 1/2 Skeins
Size: The 36"
Mods: Ok, so I added in some waist shaping about 3 inches after the patterned shaping. 3 repeats of K1FB before and after the arm markers and 2 rounds plain stockinette between each. Then 3 inches before where I wanted it to end, I started the lace pattern again. The first 2 times I repeated the first round of lace, I did do the increases. If I could rewind time, I wouldn't do this, it didn't really need it, but it's all good. I repeated the lace pattern 6 times as for the top.

Me likee.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Progress pics after doing short rows

When I first tried on GG after dropping the sleeve sts, I realized that it was too small around my chest. So after 2.5" I did Japanese short rows. But then, I started to worry that I did too many short rows. I was also worried the front would be a lot longer than the back and that I'd have to do some frogging. But, that wasn't the case. After I finished the waist decreases I anxiously tried GG on again - and it fit. Yay! I'm really liking this pattern and the yarn I'm using :) Here are pictures. Can you see the short row stitches on the side view pic?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


My Blue Gable, in its awkward, unblocked state. The progress so far was mostly completed over one very long plane flight and some car trip knitting time. I'm really digging the pattern so far.

I'm using Knitpicks Shine sport, which (at least for me) knits up more at a dk weight. I have had a number of breaks and bad spots in the yarn which I have had to cut out (leaving me with a number of itty bitty remainder balls) - details here.

I recalculated the stitch counts by starting at the size nearest to my own. First I figured out the body stitch count according to my gauge, then I computed the raglan depth based on my row gauge, then I calculated the arm sizes based on the cast-on amount and my row gauge. Finally, I tweaked everything by a stitch or two so that the body and arms would fit properly, and figured out what my cast-on amounts should be. I'm crossing my fingers that this thing will actually fit!

Slow progress

Slow progress on the second attempt...I am halfway through the lace portion. I had to unknit several rounds...twice...which probably took longer than all the actual knitting. There is still at least one mistake in the lace so far, but since I cannot figure out how to fix it, I will try to live with it!

Green gable attempt #2
Celadon lace beginnings

Stalled Out

How is it that a gal with a BUCKET FULL of needles ends up in this position? Every time I choose a pattern, there is some needle size that I don't have! This one calls for size six 20 and 32 inchers, and size four the same. I have size six 16 and 32, and size four 16 and 24. Did anyone work this pattern with longer or shorter needles with any success?

On a side note, I downloaded Ms. Marigold. Just what I need--another project in the wings!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The sleeves are off!

Here is a progress pic of my Green Gable:

I'm using Tahki Cotton Classic #3331 brownish red. I chose to make the 36" size. I'm getting close to the point where I'll have to try it on and see whether I need to add short rows. If I do need them, I'll use the Japanese version. See my comment on an earlier post if interested in how I plan to pick up the purl side pinned loops (at the right boob, since we're knitting upside down) from the front while working ITR.

This has been a fun, easy knit so far! I really like top-down raglans anyway.

Update: I took pictures of the Japanese short row process here on my blog if you're interested. FYI, I did 6 pins on each side.

so, short rows huh?

i wrote about this over on my blog but here's the gist of what's going on with my green gable. i have a rather large chest in proportion to my arm size and was really hoping to avoid the gaping armhole problem that i have had with previous raglan style sweaters. my chest measurement is 37" so i originally decided to do the medium size. after hearing that this was running small for many people, i went with HEJ's recommendation and did another repeat of parts A&B then 11 repeats of C&D, divided for the arms and tried it on. success! (well mostly) the arms fit great but the chest is definitely too small.

hence short rows. i had no idea how to do them to shape a bust but winged it (wrong idea) and will be ripping back to the cream yarn lifeline that you see in the picture below tonight.

but, i did run across some help on knitty as to how to properly put in short row bust shaping so i thought that i would post the information here.

La bonne tricoteuse - a shaping tutorial using short rows

the pattern that is linked to from this knitty article for an example of the shaping actually has the same stitch gauge as GG so i think that it's going to be a match! knitty recommends starting the shaping 2 to 3" below any armhole shaping so since this is a "medium" size i'm going to rip back to my lifeline and knit to 2.5" before giving this a try! hopefully this information is helpful to anyone else who wants to give it a go.

there's also a great couple of posts on short rows over at nonaknits (scroll down to see posts). she compares the three different varieties: wraps, yarnovers, and japanese method. just in case you want to spice it up :)

I did it!

Finished my GG in Carribean Sea cotton fleece. I really like it too. I did make one adjustment at the bottom to allow for a more fitted bottom an increase on each side. I knit the small size and the arms were really tight so I took out the ribbing and cast off in the size 6 needle and it is somewhat better but tight.

Thanks for all the info posted here on the blog!

So close....

Now that I'm near the finish line I guess I should post a progress pic! (You are, of course, ignoring the flabby white tumtum).

After the initial troubles, I've really had fun with this project. I'm doing the medium, and I couldn't ask for a better fit. I spaced my decreases out more than the pattern calls for, and I'm about to add a few hip increases in a row or two.

The only snag, and really it's just me being cheap: I don't have a US4 circular for the ribbing. My Denise kit goes down to size 5, so I might give that a try and see how it goes, then go pick up the size 4 if I don't like the results.

Either way, I can definitely see making another of these, maybe in green or basic black.

Hooray Cotton Fleece! Hooray Zephyr Galz! Have you seen Ms. Marigold? I might need to make that too. ;)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Almost There...

I cast off the hem to Gigi a couple of nights ago but can't quite bring myself to finish her. I think she's going to be a smidge too big and, and I don't ever really finish her, I can't be proven right, eh? Over the weekend, I picked up some Eucalan so I can eventually block it. Keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully I can get the arms done and start blocking her before the season finale of Lost.


Pattern: Green Gable by Zephyr Style

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Wild Sage CW-360

Start: May 1, 2006

Finish: May 12, 2006

Modifications: I listened to some of the suggestions on the KAL and decided to incorporate some increases just before the arms were seperated. I completed 3 more increase rounds for a total of 6 additional rows overall. Looking back on it, I think I could have done without these. Because I felt like I'd be swimming in the finished product, I also added some waist shaping. (I didn't have anyone to help out with the photo shoot. It's impossible to get a shot of your side by yourself!) Just after the short rows (3 sets to accomodate the bust), I began to decrease 1 st each side every sixth row. I think I did this three times. Then, I decreased 2sts each side once I was 5" from the separation of the arms. I knit for two inches straight and increased 2 sts each side every six rows five times. This added a nice amount of shaping. I tried it on pre-blocking and the fit was perfect. I blocked it and it was HUGE! So, once it was mostly dry, I tossed it in the dryer for about 20 minutes and that did the trick! I'm happy with the outcome. I think if I make it again, which I probably will because it was such a quick knit, I'll omit the 3 increase rounds I added before the separation of the arms.

Pattern Rating: 9.5 - Just because I feel there wasn't enough waist shaping, but that's totally a personal preference.

Yarn Rating: 10 - I love this stuff!!! And I haven't had many good experiences with cotton in the past.

Would I knit this again?: Most definitely!
Keyhole detail

Just after completion (before sewing in the ends)

Duplicate post on my blog.

A picture

to go with my post down there

My photographer is 5 so it's hit or miss. This one was kind of in the middle. Just don't ask how many we took!

The color is wild sage, I forgot that in my other post!


Can I tell you how much I love this pattern? I have always been a fan of top-down raglans, but this one just seems to be more refined and fit better than any other I have made. The proportions are really great as well as the minimal neckline. I did a few extra decreases at the armholes and waist, but I didn't change much. I used Cascade Sierra and got gauge just right. I like the feel of that a bit better than Cotton Fleece (it was also on sale). I can't wait to start my next one! I'm thinking of Knitpicks Mainline in Red Velvet...



Thanks to a marathon of 'Rescue Me' on DVD (season 2) this weekend I finished my Green Gable! This picture is pretty dark but you can get an idea. It's still drying and, well, I'm still in my PJs so no outside shots just yet. I'll be back later with those.

First off, thanks to Jenny and everyone else for the math help and whatnot. This KAL is an invaluable resourse for anyone who plans to knit this top.

Mods? I did one extra of both A and B and one less of C and D. I started my waist shaping at my armpit because it was kind of wide when I first tried it on. I did 6 (?) sets of decreases and 2 sets of increases and I did 4 rows of 1x1 ribbing on the bottom and the sleeves. I added some length to the body (it's now 21 inches, not sure what the pattern said) as well. I made the 36 and used just less than three skeins. Probably could have done the 34.

If I were to do this again I'd knit it smaller, but I do like how it fits. The finished product is definitely worth the slight headache from all mods :o) Now, what do do with that extra skein of Cotton Fleece...


I had one false start as I got to the end of the first row of the lace pattern and had 2 stitches left not 3. Thank you to Gwen for posting about this problem. I am so glad we have this KAL because instead of getting frustrated, I signed on and searched for a similar problem. I did frog and restart. My progress for a few hours is below. I didn't enjoy purling with the backloop cast on though..on my Denise's it was tight going for a while! It was very hard to put down...

ETA: I just now realized....I got gauge with US8's and I started with US6's! Duh moment! I measured what I have done so far and I cannot believe it is 5sts/per inch! I am going to continue until I can try it on. Hmmmmmm

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm stalled...

Here's my green(red) gable. I'm having motivation problems. I think I'm just so fearful that it won't fit that I don't want to work on it. I will though. I'm committed to at least getting to the try on stage. I've finished the lace and just have a little bit more to go. Is there a special technique for getting the armholes on the throw-away yarn? I've never done that before.

I am enjoying watching everyone's progress. I did this with a different yarn than the one recommended, so I altered the pattern for my gauge, but I also chose to make a larger size due to the early comments. I did the long-tail cast on before we got clarification on the cast on but hope it will work, since I know to make sure to get to the armpits before casting off the arms. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Couldn't Wait

I was going to wait until I was finished with the lace section to take a picture, but I couldn't wait.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Black Gable!

Its done! I wish it was smaller, but hey, its perfect for work! 100% cotton from Crystal Palace that was a gift. Nice!

Just Happy to Be Here

Phew! After many emails back and forth, sighs, tears, and rending of garments, I'm finally here! (Long story short: Lovely KAL hostesses tried and tried to get Blogger to send me an invite, but Blogger, that fickle mistress, refused.) Here's my yarn, posed coyly with low-maintenence plants. Will GG be as low maintenence? This remains to be seen.

I'm planning to make the 36" size, as that's my bust measurement. I bumped into a really helpful gal at MDSW who said you all might have some helpful hints on sizing. 36" ladies, what do you think?

Come on over to the blog and introduce yourselves sometime! I've got some nice pictures of yarn over there.... Here knitter, knitter, knitter!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Completed the 36 size from the pattern but it's actually a 32 and fits a 32. used 2 1/2 skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in limelight using size 6 needele and 4 for ribbing. I did do 5 rows of ribbing on both the sleeves & hem I thought it looked nicer than the 3 the pattern called for. Will be steaming and wrapping for a birthday gift for next week. have yarn to make another one too

hitting the finish line

Here's my Gable, all complete. I had tons of fun making it, and am planning a second one in a lighter color. I had no sizing issues, and followed the pattern, except I added the same number of increases at the hips that there were decreases at the waist. More pics are on my blog. I'm really enjoying watching everyone else's in all the great colors!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lace Question

I have a question about the first row of the lace pattern. It says to YO, K2tog until one stitch before the marker. There is an even number of stitches in this section, which means that there will either be two stitches or none left before the next marker. What am I to do?


Hey there you Green-and-other-color-Gablers!

The internets is dead at the High Energy abode, which is NOT. FUN. I therefore have missed out on all your great sweaters!!! Everyone is lookin' great.

I have finally started and am nearly at the put-the-sleeves-on-waste-yarn point.

In terms of sizing issues, I have decided to continue in the pattern as is, then try it on. If the bust is too small, I will either:

a) do more C+D sections, as long as the sleeves behave themselves and don't get too big
b) do more C+D sections, but stop increasing the sleeves if necessary
c) put the sleeves on waste yarn, and implement a short-row-plan.

Things that will cause a wrench in the works? The fact my boobs are becoming GIGANTIC on the progesterone shots I'm taking. Danger. I can wear a C cup!!! Repeat! For the first time I can wear a C cup! Lord. I think re-measuring is in order. ;-)


Should the cast-on be done loosely? I'm using the backward loop cast-on and it doesn't look like it's big enough to go over my head! I'm wondering if I'm casting on too tightly.

White Green Gables Completed

I used almost three skeins of Cotton Fleece and knit the size L. Added another inch to length and knit straight down with no shaping but I did no other modifications. Started out with long-tail cast on and it seems stretchy enough. I was careful to allow some space between cast on stitches on the needle.

This was a fairly quick knit for me, EVEN with the two false starts. The design is wonderful.


Hey Ladies, I was working on my Pink Gable and realized when I had my daughter try it on and I haven't knitted enough rows but she doesn't want the lace too far down so I didn't rip it. I have had another triumph in my adventure in knitting and the process is so wonderful. I look forward to taking a pic of her trying it on this evening when she comes home. I'll come back and post it tonight so please let me know what you think. Happy Knitting and the Gables are gorgeous.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hi y'all! I finished my Clark Gable the other day, and thought I'd share a little.

I used Cotton Fleece in Columbine Blossom, which is a really pretty heathery blue. I modified the pattern a bit by adding in more shaping decreases for waist shaping, and then some increases for hip shaping. Basically, from about 4.5 inches below the sleeves, I decreased a stitch on each side of the side markers every 6 rows, four times total. I knit approximately 12 rows with no stitch count change, and then increased on each side of the stitch markers every 4 rows, four times total. I think the added shaping helped make this top more flattering on me.
If you have any questions, you can catch me on my blog. I'm really enjoying reading up on everybody's experience with this project. Posted by Picasa
My finished Green, er Pink Gable. I used Cotton Fleece in Victorian Pink, size 36" and used a little under 3 balls. This pattern didn't offer much in the way of shaping, so I incorporated them. Once the increases for the yoke and 4" of straight rounds were done, I decreased 4 stitches every 8 rows, 3 times. Then I knit til the tee was 8.5" long, increased 4 stitches every 8 rounds 3 times, then knit the rib and bound off.

On the sleeves I knit 3 rounds, then the rib and bound off.

All in all, I think I am happy with the tee, but time will tell. If CF stretches throughout the day I am a goner because it is a tad loose on me, but if not, I think I'll end up wearing it a lot.


sizing for medium?

hi everyone! i've written a longer post about this on my blog but i'm making the medium size. my chest measurement is 37" so this size should work the best for me. i went through all the old posts and as i understand it i should do 8 repeats of parts A&B for a correct chest measurement. but i'm really worried about the arm holes being too big. i had this problem with the somewhat cowl where the chest measurement was fine but the arm holes were huge (i have skinny arms). HEJ, you did an awesome job with all of the sizing/math info, thanks! (edit: concerning my inability to READ, i'm such a dunce! i read "backwards loop cast on" in the post HEJ did way back on may 3rd and then saw the picture but totally missed the explanation of how the alternative cast on looks so much better. and i'm sure it does. backwards loop cast on does look rather wonky. my apologies!)

so i'm wondering what everyone is doing who made the size M? if you are a 37"/38" bust size, did you do more of parts A&B? or parts C&D? a mixture of the two? did you do short-row shaping instead? i'm considering short-rows. i did them in the glampyre camisole and liked the way they looked. help! your advice would be most appreciated! i've finished 6 repeats of parts A&B and it's time for me to make a decision.

for more info,


My Denise needles arrived yesterday and I'm anxious to get started. I'm planning to make the largest size. According to my calculations, I need to cast on 100. Is that correct? Should they be cast on loosely? I put 100 stitches on a 20" needle and the needle seemed too long. Doesn't the needle have to be short enough for the stitches to connect? Thanks for any help.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Gables of Pink

Hello, to all of you Green Gable-ers! I am ready to cast-on in Brown Sheep’s pinkaboo. While I would have rather used a darker color, I just frogged a sweater (painful, yes!) and decided that the best use for pinkaboo was for Green Gables.

I have learned a great deal from all of you, and your sweaters are wonderful! I am hoping mine is just as terrific . . . we’ll see. I am planning on starting sometime this week----after I recover from the frogging experience!

My Pics

Here is the pic of my Pink Gable. Now that I understand the pattern I feel that I can go-to-town on this adorable sweater. Please tell me what you think.

New Addition

Hi all! I'm just joining, a little late than most but I'm still here! I am using Cascade Yarns Sierra in color #60, which is kind of a mahogany brown, and am only just finished with the lace portion. I had no idea about using the backward loop cast-on and so used a long tail. I also apparently messed it up with the purl row right at the beginning, but I don't think it looks really that different from the picture they provide with the pattern. Here's my progress so far and hopefully much more to come soon!

Finished Green Gable

I finished last night, and I'm very happy. The color is Lime light, and the yarn was recycled from an earlier project, which I think explains why it's a little less refined looking than some others! I added 3 rows to the sleeves before the ribbing and I added additional waist and hip shaping (although next time I'd spread them out more). Great pattern, and thanks for all the help!

Worming ends and underarm issues...

Argh. I finished it. I blocked it. (It grew a little, but seemed to pull back a little once it was completely dry, so not a fatal problem.) I wore it, and the ends that I very carefully wove in started to worm out and look all funky. Really funky. BAD funky. The picture doesn't even capture how bad it looks.
Is anyone having issues with weaving in the ends of Cotton Fleece and having them show through? (Now I know why people hate weaving in ends on cotton.) Also, even thought the arms are not tight, the underarms are not looking so good after a wearing. Since there is very little seaming, the line of stitches where the seam would be (but isn't since it is in the round) pulled.
I guess I can go back in and reinforce with some yarn, but, ick, not what I wanted to see. I am a bit frustrated since the GG looked great after blocking and there were no hints of the problems to come!!! Advice?