Friday, May 12, 2006

Making progress

I am making some progress on my Purple Gable!

The yarn that I am using is Cascade Sierra and I just love it. I love the pattern too.

This picture is from some time ago but shows the lace work at least. I did the long tail cast on. I didn't know about the advice of the backwards loop when I cast on. I think I cast on about 3 or 4 times with the purl ridge issues and all. I do not have a purl ridge on mine after all but I am not to sure that it would make much difference I like it both ways. I have tried her on already and love her so much I cannot wait to finish.

The other changes I made were-
After the sz questions were brought up and I was already making the largest sz I decided to cast on 2 extra stitches per section and then increase the # of times told in the pattern. I think I would have been ok if I wouldn't have done this but with the extra stitches it lays on my shoulders more like it does in the picture on the pattern.

I also added an extra decrease in the waist and some increases in the waist for more shaping. I have these "problem areas" some call "love handles" (who knows why) that I did not want my sweater to be too tight around! lol

I have several more inches of plain knitting left to do my height really adds hours of knitting to these sweaters I have noticed! I am having to add a lot of length to this and all other things that I knit for myself.


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