Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Purple and Pink Gables

Here are my Green Gables. I started the first one in Raging Purple and liked it so well I bought the yarn to make one for my mom for her birthday. My bust is right at 35" but I went with the M size after reading here that they tended to run small. First, as shown in the second pic, I really screwed up the lacework. And the fit wasn't perfect, it seemed great until I blocked it. The fit is a touch loose and it really bunches in the back.
I should have added more decreases along the side and increases for the hips. You can see below that the 2 back to back rows of decrease that the pattern calls for makes a little bunch on each side. I'll be tearing this out and trying again. I think I can make it close to perfect.

I had already bought the Cotton Fleece in Cherry Moon to make one for my mom for her birthday before I had completely finished the first one. I decided, since the M came out so big, to make hers a Small (we're about the same size). Oops.
If I had done 8 rows of lacework, it might have worked out okay but I followed the pattern and it is teeny and the armholes are too high. (But the lacework was right!) I changed the decreases on this and did a few more but separated them by 5 rows. I'll be tearing this one out too.

I love the look of this sweater. This was my first knitted wearable so I knew there would be a bit of a learning curve. I can't wait to get them both tweaked just right.


Blogger Gwen said...

The Cherry Moon is SO pretty! I may have to get some of that.

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