Thursday, May 25, 2006

Progress pics after doing short rows

When I first tried on GG after dropping the sleeve sts, I realized that it was too small around my chest. So after 2.5" I did Japanese short rows. But then, I started to worry that I did too many short rows. I was also worried the front would be a lot longer than the back and that I'd have to do some frogging. But, that wasn't the case. After I finished the waist decreases I anxiously tried GG on again - and it fit. Yay! I'm really liking this pattern and the yarn I'm using :) Here are pictures. Can you see the short row stitches on the side view pic?


Blogger gleek said...

yeah!! it turned out great. looks like i'm about a day behind you :) i did my japanese short rows last night and hope to get to the waist decreases today.

7:17 AM  

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