Wednesday, May 24, 2006


My Blue Gable, in its awkward, unblocked state. The progress so far was mostly completed over one very long plane flight and some car trip knitting time. I'm really digging the pattern so far.

I'm using Knitpicks Shine sport, which (at least for me) knits up more at a dk weight. I have had a number of breaks and bad spots in the yarn which I have had to cut out (leaving me with a number of itty bitty remainder balls) - details here.

I recalculated the stitch counts by starting at the size nearest to my own. First I figured out the body stitch count according to my gauge, then I computed the raglan depth based on my row gauge, then I calculated the arm sizes based on the cast-on amount and my row gauge. Finally, I tweaked everything by a stitch or two so that the body and arms would fit properly, and figured out what my cast-on amounts should be. I'm crossing my fingers that this thing will actually fit!


Blogger Jackie F. said...

When I used KnitPicks Sierra yarn, I was cursing, too, about the same thing! Almost every hank had knots! Thank goodness the stitch definition was very nice. I didn't have the same trouble with Shine, which I used for Picovoli. Maybe it's a random thing. The yarn is so soft! BTW, I also got more of a dk gauge.

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