Monday, October 09, 2006


This is a sadly washed-out picture but I had to post and profusely thank everyone who posted on this KAL. I made this sweater in about a month, off and on, in August and September. It's my first knitted garment! Until this sweater I'd only made scarves and other square things. I pored voraciously over this knitalong and took copious notes about the shaping and the sizing, and THANK GOD it worked!!! I didn't have to frog back at all! The arms are a wee bit bigger around than I'd like, but they're certainly not bad, and the sweater body fits perfectly.

Really, I can't thank you all enough for all your notes. I feel like I got to avoid a lot of the problems some of you experienced, thanks to your chronicling of the problems you had! I added a lot of waist and hip shaping that I wouldn't have considered otherwise. I've worn it to work several times and it just successfully had its first washing and drying experience.

Hooray for overdue Green Gables!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

finally started

After stalking this KAL for months I purchased the pattern. Then I had to find the yarn (special order of Brown Sheep Cotton fleece in Jungle Green)after that came I had to order the needles. This week at last I was able to start.
I will keep you posted.