Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First fitting: So far, so good...

Hey everyone, I'm Aimee from Paris, France. I started Green Gable two days ago and have been making great progress. I was finally able to try her on and everything fits so far! yay. I'm using Debbie Bliss Cathay in Black and I love how it feel. I think that this is a nice subsitute yarn as I wasn't able to get the yarn the pattern called for here in Paris. The DB Cathay is a cotton, silk, viscose blend and feels really nice against the skin. The viscose in the yarn helps with the drape, I have a feeling this sweater is going to fit like a glove.

First fitting of Green Gable

Sleeve detail of Green Gable The Real Color

Looking at the sleeves on the waste yarn and I'm thinking I really like the look of it. Kind of gives it a casual feel which is exactly my style. I need some advice on how to keep the rolly sleeve without the sleeves wanting to roll too much. Anyone have any ideas?

Monday, June 26, 2006

I think it will fit!

I am a 36-38 and I decided to knit the 38 since the GG seems to be a close fit and I felt looser would be better. (My middle aged arms and back don't like tight things.) I tried it on today and here we are! Almost time to start the waist decreases.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stop the Presses! The Green Gable is finished!!!!

They said it couldn't be done! The Green Gable was destined to become a UFO buried in the bottom of the closet. But NO! It is now officially a finished production. The striping that I vowed I wouldn't do became my only answer to the dilemma of no more yarn. And it actually came out better than I thought it would. I need to wash and block it but here are a couple of shots. I may actually wear it after all of this high drama... imagine that!

Now I can move on with my life. And my family and friends can stop listening to me bellyaching about this blasted project. Yee-hah! Maybe I can even get my knitting mojo back on track again. I've missed it terribly!

P.S. I think those wierd swirly lines are a camera effect because of the sheen on the cotton. I don't really have an iridescent chest (thank God!)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Finally!!!!!!!!! It's Done

Here's my DD's completed Pink Gable. I had to start over as I had several problems. Yes, Ladies I frogged all the way to the beginning. I'm proud of how it turned out. and I have already began on for my other DD. I used 2 1/2 skiens and made it loose as she requested. She loves it and I'm very surprised as there were too many knitted items she likes. I took me a month and a half to complete as I had finished the sweater once to discover the bias was twisted and it was way to tight. This has been a great learning experience and I will try my hands at more complicated patterns.

Pride and Perseverance

We're in the home stretch, and despite the obstacles in my way, I do believe GG and I will be a match made in heaven! Well...except the color. I think I'm going to dye her. This grey just doesn't have the va-va-voom that this top deserves. Anyone used the color "scarlet" from Rit Dye and know what type of red it might be? I'm looking for more of a blue-red than an orangey one.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

GG is finished and I'm just incredibly lazy

OK so she's been finished for a month and a half and I am just posting now. My work travel has taken over a bit lately. Here she is finished. I used Royal Cotton DK from the stash. Stashbusting is a good thing.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Red Velvet Gable

Here is my second GG, this time in Knitpicks Mainline, Red Velvet. The gauge was just about the same as my first (in Cascade Sierra) and thus everything went smoothly. I, again, did some more decreases for the waist and some on the arms. Good thing I did because I only had a teeny bit of yarn left! If I ever make that 3/4 sleeved version that I have been dreaming of, I will have to make sure to get enough...

~Villain Extraordinaire

Monday, June 19, 2006

New Beginnings

After a few (well, many) fitful starts and stops, I am again underway. I think all is the way it should be now, so here is a picture for you to see:
I just put the sleeves on the waste yarn and knit two more rows. This has been more challenging to this novice knitter than I thought. But I am learning so much and I think (hope) it will look good when it is done.

Columbine Blue Gable

Hello all, I finished the Gable a couple of weeks ago, but am finally getting around to put up a completed pic.

Project: Green Gable
Yarn used: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in color Columbine
Project time: May 1st-May 30th
Modifications: I made the 38" bust size initially but was concerned about the fit, so I upped the size to the 40". After blocking, it fits a bit big in the neck area. I think a round of single crochet around the neckline will take care of it. I did use more waist decreases for a fitted look, but after washing, the sweater loosened up a bit, so it kind of doesn't matter I suppose. After doing about 5 or 6 waist decreases for shaping, I then increased 4-5 rounds. I'm mostly pleased with the fit, but the sleeves are a bit off. The arms are really too big. I wish I'd noticed this when I tried it on. I would have gone back and done a few less decreases. I really am not happy with the wide arms at all and I even omitted some of the decreases. After wearing it a bit, I think I prefer the cap sleeves, so I will have to rip those back again, but at least that will be pretty easy. I may rip back the bottom bind off and make the body about 1.5 to 2" shorter too. It's just not quite right, but I think once I make those changes I will be totally happy. I can't tell you when that's going to happen, b/c it's too hot to wear it now and I'm just not in the mood to actually deal with the changes, hence why I'm going ahead and posting a pic b/c I probably won't talk about this one again for a long time.

Finally Finished!

I am so glad that my Strawberry GG is completed. I used Sugar N Cream, Strawberry, a little over five skeins, and it took me a month. I didn't have as much trouble as others, I think I cast on only three times. I had swatched in the flat because I didn't know how to swatch in the round. I made the XL and am glad that it turned out loose. That's what I prefer.

I decided to use this yarn with this pattern because it reminds me of a sweater I had made for myself about 15 years, that I don't have anymore. It was a sentimental thing for me. I probably won't make another one; not because I don't like the pattern, but because I have so many other patterns I want to make. Next is Bronte from Berroco http://www.berroco.com/239.246/242/242_bronte_pv.html and then Cindy, also from Berroco, http://www.berroco.com/239.246/240/240_cindy_pv.html .

Dye Job: SUCCESS!!

Houston, we are go for launch!

Remember this from a few weeks back?

(Post is here.)

If not, I wasn't happy with the colour, so I planned to dye it black. I am happy to report: SUCCESS!!

The dye job worked! The Cotton Fleece dyes beautifuly, so if you are perhaps second-guessing your colour choice, dyeing is always an option.

Details over at the blog! Going to ride this wave of confidence and cast on for another!

Annie of Green Gable

Annie of Green Gable!

Size small using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Plum Patina. 2 skeins and a couple yards of a 3rd. I got gauge using size us8 needles.

My modifications: Extra set of C/D to allow a little more room in the arm holes. I also picked up 4 stitches in the armpits instead of sewing up the hole. I only did one set of the decreases at the waist and I did them ssk, slm, k 2tog. 3 inches later I did waist increases on each side and again after another inch. Also made the length a little longer.

The reality shot.

I don't think going down 2 needle sizes to knit the ribbing is working for me. I will constantly be stretching out the ribbing and yanking down my sweater if I keep the ribbing this tight. My plan is to take it out (like I learned from Areli's tutorial) and re-do the ribbing with us8. If that doesn't work, I guess I need to add more waist increases, too...

Stay tuned for the sequel...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Great Green Gable Reunion

I began knitting my sweater at some point in early May, and finally finished it earlier this week. I used the called-for yarn, and experienced much of the same issues as many of the other knitters -- falling between sizes, having to modify the waist and hip shaping, lengthening the garment, etc. -- that have been covered exhaustively on this site. I have little hard earned wisdom about this sweater to add to the collective wisdom of the Green Gable Knit Along.*

But how many of you can say that this sweater reunited you with a long-lost friend?

Go check out CurlyPurly's post from from May 31st. If you click the May archive, she is the first post you'll see. I'll wait.

You see, CurlyPurly and I, we go way back. Like freshman year in high school, sharing a seat and a walkman on the bus way back. Like spiral-bound notebooks full of notes to each other. Liking obscure new-wave brit pop bands together. But, we drifted apart, like many high school friendships, moved on to other friends, and then after graduation, and we went our very separate ways.

But the day that picture posted, I recognized her. Immediately. After a few more cups of coffee, several deep breaths, and two or three drafts later, I sent her an e-mail, subject: "sit down." And we've been e-mailing and reacquainting ever since, inhabiting this weird corner of the blogosphere together, sharing a seat again on the bus, sharing knitting esoterica instead of brit pop. 17 years later, we are mothering and wifing and knit blogging and knitting the same sweater and participating in the same knit along.

What can you say your sweater did for you?

Thanks, Green Gable.

* All those knitterly details are available on my blog, if you are interested.

Finally Posting!

After reading for a while, I'm finally posting here! I cast on the Green Gables using a different yarn, it looked beautiful, but I realized that it would take about $70 worth of yarn....so rip, rip, rip. Then I bought the Cotton Fleece online in Twilight (which I think is discontinued so I bought 4 skeins at $6.95 each from Oregon Trail Yarns). I love the color and think it's funny how I hardly ever use the yarn actually called for! I usually knit loosely so to get gauge I went down to a size 5 (I got 18 st to 4 inches- but I don't like tight fits so I thought this would work).

It seems like a lot of us have cast on for this a number of times. I messed up somehow with the lace, and restarted twice, then it went pretty quickly. But then I noticed something odd on the back. The stitches look like they're going in a different direction....but when I tug on the sweater it goes away. I hope this disappears when I block it!

I kept on going and now I'm onto the boring part....but also exciting, because it does fit. Yes, loosely but that's what I like, and it's so soft and light feeling. Something I will be able to wear this summer, maybe even next week! I hope to have a completed sweater up soon. My knitting site is here.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

making progress..

I'm making slow and steady progress. I've separated the sleeves off the main body and started knitting down from there. I put it on waste yarn to try it on and take a pic, but man was that a painstaking process. Yuck. Guage seems ok so far, but the neckline is a little wider than I'd like it to be. ::sigh:: I guess this will be another strapless bra shirt. I'm holding down the front so you can see how much progress I've made, b/c it curls up at the edge.

Green Gable - You're on Notice

I am well sick of this sweater. I suppose it's not technically the sweater's fault, but I'm just about over it.

I cast on with spot on gauge and happily knit a few inches. Then I started over to use the newly corrected cast-on and knit about an inch with no problems. But then a close friend of mine suddenly and unexpectedly died. Knitting didn't take up enough of my brain and I was just thinking about Mike. I couldn't stop making really dumb mistakes. Every problem people have mentioned here I've done a thousand times over. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled this thing apart. I've probably knit it twice now. But eventually it got better and I stopped dissolving into a puddle every time I had to tick back because I forgot an increase or screwed up the lace. And eventually I stopped making dumb mistakes and started to enjoy knitting again.

Then last night I tried it on.

WTF? It's enormous! Turns out my gauge is off. Though I swatched with a perfect six stitches to the inch on size 7s, and I double checked it before I pulled it out the very first time, I'm now getting 5 stitches to the inch.


Now I'm getting 5 1/2 stitches to the inch on 6s. This is weird because I'm a fairly tight knitter and I've never gone down in needle size before.

I'm starting over one more time, but if I don't get (and maintain) gauge in 5s, Green Gable is history. At least for a while. I do really want to finish it because I feel like there's a lot of Mike in this sweater. I've thought about him so much while knitting it, but this is the sweater's last chance. If it's not working out after this, I'm moving on to dish cloths.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Second Go Round

I had to frogged this Pink Gable as you can tell it's too small the bias is twisted to the left and the bust increase is off. So I began my second attempt and you can tell the difference already. I just wanted to post this little tidbit so you'll know I'm still in the GGable Game. Will be back in a few days to post new pics as I'm almost at the point of removing the sleeves. This is defintely been a learning project for me. I'm gald to be a part of this.

Not-So Green Gables

I started my Green Gables, which I have dubbed my "Not-So Green Gables", last weekend and I have been working on it almost exclusively. (which for me is a BIG deal...I'm kind of a project ho) I'm using Lion Brand Cotton Ease in the Bubble Gum colorway. I asked people over at my blog to vote on what color to choose and I was blown away when 220 people voted! Last year when CottonEase was discontinued I bought a ton of it, so I'm always looking for projects to knit with it. It's a great washable dryable cotton. The gauge is a little bit different than the pattern calls for, but I needed a little bigger size in the er, front area:) so the gauge that I'm getting is going to work great for me if I knit the biggest size. Plus, one of the girls that I knit with has already completed hers so I got to try hers on and it fit!

Monday, June 12, 2006

One more for the bandwagon!

I am very excited to be a part of this (my first) KAL!
Especially since this is my first garment (not counting socks).
Thank you, thank you.

I am using Sirdar Breeze since I cannot wear wool next to my skin.

Here is my yarn:

It is a warm creamy color which really doesn't show true in either picture.

And here is the swatch:

I cast on Saturday night, frogged 3 times and am now satisfied with the neck and lace panel.

It should be far enough along by tomorrow to post a progress pic.

Everyone else's GGs look so beautiful, I can't wait to wear mine too.

The Green Gable fiasco continues...

Remember me? I am the bozo who knit the ENTIRE sweater in the wrong gauge and ended up with a miniature version. I frogged the whole thing, doubled up my yarn to get the correct gauge and thought I was home free. I had only used half of the yarn I had on the mini version so I thought everything was ducky. SURPRISE! I have done the entire sweater with the exception of the last three inches on the bottom and I have run out of yarn. Perhaps this project just wasn't meant to be! Here's my possible solution. I have a lot of other cotton yarns in some very nice colors and I am thinking of using one or more of them to finish the bottom, ending with the ribbing in my original purple. It could come out nice or it could be wicked ugly. The yarn is discontinued and unavailable anywhere I have looked (even on ebay) so this is my only option. I'll keep you posted.


I finally started my Green Gable! I am using Cotton Fleece in Plum Patina. I decided to go ahead and make the size small (my bust is 31") and I tried it on last night and so far, so good! At this point, the only modification has been an extra set of C/D. I was worried that the arms would pinch (arms measure a tad over 10") and so far it seems fine so I will probably go ahead and knit the cuff with a needle 2 sizes smaller as the pattern calls for. I am not thrilled with the backward loop cast-on and wish I had stuck with my tried and true long-tail thumb method. Ah well. Not going to frog over that!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Crinkly Gable

I've finished my Green Gable, with some recycled yarn.

06/10/2006 7:10pm

Yes, it is a bit crinkly, but I never took the time to straighten out the recycled yarn. I made plenty of modifications to the pattern, and it turned out great for me. I also picked up a few stitches at the underarm to accomodate the gapping that was happening when I would periodically fit it. Oh, and I haven't blocked the thing yet either. :)

Friday, June 09, 2006

My finished pink gable!

Here are some pictures of my finished Pink Gable! I already bought some green Cascade Sierra to make an actual green gable...

I used the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a pink who's official name I cannot remember. I knit the smallest size and used exactly 2 balls. Just a bit left over. More pictures on my blog... www.gailknits.blogspot.com

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Has anyone had to go up to size 7 or 8 needles to get the correct guage? I didn't think I was that tight of a knitter but I've been seeing this trend in the last few things I've made. I'm using the yarn called for in the pattern: Lamb's Pride Cotton Fleece.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Waist Decrease

I've read in some of the posts about waist decreases on more than one row. I'm making the XL. According to the pattern, I only see ONE waist decrease row. Am I missing something?

10th time is the charm!

Who says persistence doesn't pay off? After a hellish time getting this thing started - lace problems, too big, too small (no fault of the pattern, just my inattention!) - I finally completed my Grape Gable. (I kid you not - ten cast-ons and five complete frogs!!)

Same mods as most other folks here - more waist decreases and more hip increases. But after all this, I'm not a fan of the colour! I don't know what possessed me to choose it - it's lovely and all but not a colour I ever wear! I was initially going to do a green apple or lime or avocado colour (which I love love love), so don't ask me how I ended up with Berry (Cotton Fleece).

So the next mod? I'm dying it black! Stay tuned for that experiment!!

The Green Gable, She is Done

I finished up GG over the Memorial Day weekend and wore it to work the following Tuesday, but I just got around to uploading the pics last night. It's not a full-on view, but I think you get the idea.

I love it! I can't wait to make another, but since I'm on a yarn diet I suppose I'll have to.

Just 2 mods: spaced out the waist shaping over 5 rows instead of 2, and added one increase round at the hips. Oh, and I used size 5s instead of 4s for the ribbing.

Big props to HEJ for her help at the beginning and my lovely co-host Carrie!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Barn Red GG done! (new picture added 6/8/06)

Here's my Green Gable, knit with Tahki Cotton Classic. For in-depth details about changes made, see my blog. Here's a brief summary of changes without the extra details: added short rows, added waist increases, did 5 rnds rib at hem, picked up extra sts at underarm gaps, and did tubular BO at hem and sleeves. Now I'm going to make the Lotus Blossom Tank from IK!


Take 2 and I finally got the sizing right. It fits perfectly and I'm happy.

I made the small with no pattern adjustments. The yarn is Tahki Cotton Classic in sand, but it looks more like blush to me. I only used 4 skeins, 2 less than the pattern requirements. I'll just have to exchange my extra yarn for something else. Hmmm, maybe some Debbie Bliss Cathay for Picovoli. Thank you for your good gauge vibes and encouragement.

Mohair Dreams

Monday, June 05, 2006

avocado green gable.. done!

well, i'm happy to report that my green gable is done and that i wore it to work today! all in all, it turned out nice but i realize that if i had followed the pattern verbatim i would have been really disappointed. there's no way that it would have fit me! i'm glad that we all realized there were issues in the beginning with a few of the sizes but still, i hope that the pattern is revised!

green gable complete

here she is!! i did a lot of modifications including the short rows that i talked about in my last post. if you want to know more, check my blog.

big thanks to carrieoke and HEJ and all those others who put together the KAL. you gals really helped!!

Cast On Question

I know the backward-loop method is recommended, but I am wondering if anyone has made their Green Gable using the crochet cast on and liked the results? I just learned this method yesterday and it leaves a really nice, clean edge. I may try it and see how it looks. Thought I'd drop a line here and see if anyone had tried it... Thanks in advance for feedback!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

And another...

I've just finished mine as well!

I really adore this top and even with all the issues with the pattern, I think it's a really simple knit. I only made a few changes, including adding about 6 inches to the length and adding paired increases just before the hips. I also did a long tail cast on and after blocking the neckline came out just fine!

For a lot more comments and pictures, see my blog.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Finished, Finally.

Here's my finished Green Gable!


I'm loving this top! It took me awhile to finish it because I kept being unhappy with the hem and the sleeves, but I finally settled on a combination that worked for me: regular bind off at the hem, ribbing in size 4s for the sleeves (but binding off with 6s.)

I posted more pics on my blog: [ carrieoke.net ]


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Freakin' gauge

After several false starts due to mistakes in the ribbing, I was off and running on my Green Gable. I'm using Tahki Cotton Classic in a beautiful pearl color. Anyway, I was determined to stick with it so after 2 days, I finally finished the sleeves and was able to try it on and it's too big!!! My face says it all.

I've been reading all of the comments and started overthinking this project. Since it was said to run small, I decided that with a 34" bust, I should knit the size medium. I am pretty thin so I was worried about making this adjustment. I don't get it, my gauge is perfect (5sts = 1") and mathematically it should be right. In reality, it gaps everywhere. UGH!! I have no choice but to rip it out - again. I will immediately cast on and get started again because if I don't get back on the horse right away, I could see this sweater ending up in the frog pond. Please send good gauge vibes my way.

Mohair Dreams