Sunday, April 30, 2006

Md Sheep and Wool?

Hello all,

Here is my contribution (so far).

Green Gables

I am making it up in KnitPicks Shine - crocus. I couldn't be happier with the color of the yarn but I am less sure of texture of the yarn. This is my first time using it and it seems to be shedding a bit. I am really afraid then when I wear it it will shed all over everything.

Anyway, I was wondering how many people planned on wearing their Green Gables to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival? I am hoping to have mine finished in time, though it might have to wait until Sunday. I hope to see lots of them at the festival and introduce myself to some fellow members of this KAL.

A potentially brown but likely to be black Gable knitter here to say hi

Hello! i'm going to buy yarn tomorrow (May 1, after all) for the Green Gable. I'm going to go for the Cotton Fleece because I've used it before, I know my gauge well when using it, and I love it. I keep trying to tell myself to purge the black from my wardrobe and more towards more brown, but in the end, I bet I'll buy black yarn for this anyway. We shall see.

I was thinking of doing either 3/4 sleeves or a long short sleeve, ending right at the elbow.

i'm a pro-procrastinator

I'm just a little bit late ordering my yarn.(today)
Just wanted to drop in and say that I love how everyones gables are turning out. I especially like the brown ones.
Mine will be blue.


Mission MSW

GG, originally uploaded by PurlsBeforeWine.

Here it is with just 6 days to go. (Less if you count blocking.) Can she do it? Will it fit/look good? Only time will tell...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ready to Start

Ready... Get Set...
Here is my yarn for the Green Gable KAL. It will be more of a Russet Gable for me. I'm using Rowan All Season Cotton. I get 4.5 sts to the inch in stst on straight needles, so I reworked the pattern for my gauge. Based on the comments about size, I'm going with the XL even though I normally would knit the M. Being top down, hopefully I can make adjustments as I go. I love the look of this top and the finished pics give me hope. My last sweater knit in the round was too big. Only a bit, but a bit was too much. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Good luck to all who are waiting to start.


Just wanted to say hi to everyone in the KAL. I started my Pink Gable about a week ago and just finished the lace front. I'm knitting it with this shell pink shade of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. Love this stuff!


Another Green Gable in Progress

Hi all,

I've joined this KAL with the hopes it will motivate me to finish a project. I'm slowly getting back into knitting after many years. The yarn I'm using is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, CW-640 Spryte.

Friday, April 28, 2006

My Green Brown Gable is done!

This was such a fun knit! You can read the details on my blog.
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Hoppin' on the Bandwagon!

Hi! I am so excited about this knit-along! I started my Green (blue) Gable a couple of days ago - aren't we all kinda jumping the gun on the May 1 official start date? This is the first time I've ever used Cotton Fleece (color CW-790 Columbine Blossom) and I'm wondering where it has been all my life. This is turning out to be perfect TV and subway knitting, and I'm looking forward to being able to actually where this cutey-patootie. Seeing everyone's progress shots is a lot of fun - I hope to contribute a couple more also!

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Hi all, I just cast on for my GG this week (I'm using Cotton Fleece in Mariner Blue). I have been enjoying reading everyone's posts and seeing the finished GGs (already)! I have a question that I hope someone can answer. Is there a design or fit reason for the way the neck of this sweater is joined? Specifically, why does the pattern direct you to cast on, purl one row, and then join for working in the round? This causes a split at the back of the neck. Does the split serve a purpose? I can't get a nice join unless I join immediately after casting on (because I always interlock the first and last stitch and then knit with the tail for a few stitches whenever I join in the round), so I'm hoping this is just a judgment call. I don't want a wonky-looking back neckline, which is what I get when I join without following my usual technique.

Although I have a slight concern about the above-referenced directions, I'm about 16 rounds in and loving the simple lace pattern. Thanks to our newly-engaged hostess for thinking up this knitalong (and to the Zephyr gals for the cute pattern)!

Chocolate Gable??

I finished last weekend but she's been blocking for a few days...

I ended up knitting the size 36" which fits me (32" bust) perfectly ;). Blocking helped to open up the lace (so much so in fact that a flesh coloured bra is definitely required!), and helped to lengthen both the body and the sleeves.
Apologies for the craptastic photo but my normal photographer has gone AWOL!

I'm really pleased with the end result. I used (every scrap of) 2 x 100g balls of SWTC Oasis in shade Chocolate. This was yarn from the stash, but I have 4 skeins of Cotton Fleece winging their way to me from the US so I can knit another one! I think the next one will be 3/4 length sleeves.
Despite the problems with the sizing I really think this is a fantastic pattern. A really good, easy knit.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A week to go...

So, I've taken my time actually posting about my Green Gable - I actually started it a couple weeks ago and finally have enough time to focus on it. It will hopefully be my Maryland Sheep & Wool knit - so keep your fingers crossed that I'll be able to wear it by then! I've got what? A week? :) I've been making mods to the pattern as I knit it, I've been writing them down so I'll know what to do if I ever knit it again (I saw some yummy yarn to do it in the other day, right Dani?) - the pattern, unfortunately, was just a tad on the small side. At least mods are easy on this one. A couple more increases, throw in a couple more decreases for more shaping, and voila! Okay, must go and concentrate on this now... Send the good knitting vibes my way!

~ Holly

Never Mind

I changed my mind again about what yarn and gauge to use. I decided that I really really like the DK weight yarn I have, it will show off the lace pattern well, and I only have enough of it to knit a cap-sleeve or tank top.

So I spent some time last night with the pattern and a gauge swatch and a calculator, and now I have a Green Gable pattern for DK weight yarn. If anyone is interested in a size Small at 25 sts/34 rows = 4", I'd be happy to share.

I'm now weaving in the ends on my recently-finished Corset Pullover, so I should be ready to start Green Gable on May 1 as scehduled! Using Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton in a nice spring lilac, to go with the newly-discovered lilac bush next to our house.

Stretching out?

Hi gang!

Loving everyone's GGs! I've started mine *ahem* a few times (gauge issues!) and have wondered as I'm working along whether the Cotton Fleece stretches out with wear.

I've using Cotton Ease from the stash, but I recall the tanks I made a out of it a few years back stretched out madly after a day of wear. Should I switch to Cotton Fleece?


Loving this little sweater and I am so looking forward to wearing it. I am using Cotton Fleece in Victorian Pink and this is my progress thus far:

I am still working on the increase section and trying to decide if the lace section is long enough. If not, I'll rip back and insert more lace rows.

The only change I might have to make is to increase around the hip area to accommodate my slightly larger hips. No biggie. Maybe I'll get to wear this to the Maryland Wool & Sheep Festival next week? I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Pics soon I promise

I have made some progress on mine. Not as much as most of you all but I have made it through the lace part I hope to have some pics up really soon. After many trips to the frog pond I think I am on track.

Thanks for all the support!

Will have a better post really soon promise!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Went ahead and started

So I got my yarn for KAL!!!!!! Yea!!!!

I ended up getting the Cotton Fleece yarn and I love it. I have never knitted with this particular yarn before but so far so good. The colorway is Dusty Sage and I think this picture is as true a representation of the color as I could get.
I couldn't wait until May 1st to get started because I am VERY impatient, so I went ahead and casted on. Yesterday I got a few rows past the lace part and tonight I work I hope to get at least to dividing out for the sleeves. This is only my 2nd sweater ever and I think it is coming along nicely, especially after reading everyone else's posts.

Here she is just relaxing on the bed.

And here she is at the pond, where I tried to work on it but only got a few rows done.

The Neckline Issue

So, I've seen all the comments and pictures about the neckline turning out much narrower than the one shown on the model...has anyone figured this out or gotten any kind of resolution on it? I wouldn't mind if it were a little narrower, just not too much, you know?

It's Killing Me!!!!

I swatched for my GG. Is anyone else out there actually waiting for the May 1st start date? I know I can hardly wait, but I guess I have more will power than I actually thought. So, in order to curb the suspense, I've decided to knit socks in the meantime!

Just cast on....

I have just cast on for my Green Gable with some Wisteria Cotton Fleece and am loving this yarn. I agree with a previous poster that the wool content makes it really soft and pleasant to knit with. I am glad that I didn't substitute a different yarn and will definitely be using Cotton Fleece again. So far I'm enjoying the pattern and hope to be wearing this one very soon.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Red Gable

I love this pattern. I'll probably make one for Pumpkin Girl and another one for me. I started with a small then switched to a medium during the raglan length. It's such a snug fit. When I make it again, I'll make it less body hugging.

Modifications: I lengthened the body and sleeves; and increased at the hips.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Well on my way.

I started Green Gable yesterday and it's going really well so far. I've read that the sizing runs really small so I'm making a size up but I figure since it's a top down raglan in the round so I know I can always try it on as I go and add as many increase rounds as I think I need. I'm through section A/B and part way through section C/D. I couldn't figure out how the neck worked out so I just did my own thing with that and I like the look of it so I'm not really that worried. I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (the recomended yarn) in "Lapis" and the colour is so pretty, not normally something I'd choose but it's so rich I had to have it. I normally don't like knitting with cotton but the 20% wool in it seems to make a really big difference.

Looking forward to knitting with you all and seeing all the finished sweaters!
Here it Lime Green Gable completed.

I love, love, love it and have to say a hearty THANK YOU to the ladies at Zephyr Style for designing such a wonderful sweater! I'm wearing it today at work and have to say that not only is it stylin' but it's also very comfortable. Showed my mom yesterday (a knitter herself and the person who taught me to knit). She loved it so much that she plans on frogging a sweater she just made for herself so that I can make one for her. Would I do anything different? Let's see ..... NO! Well, maybe. After doing two waist decreases, I would add one or two hip increases. But even without it this is a winner!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Not so green gable...

Hi there and thanks for letting me join the KAL! I'm cranking along on my green blue gable which I cast on 4 days ago. I've been working on a wool aran sweater and just couldn't resist the call of a warm weather knit much longer! I'm using cotton fleece in Blue Paradise and I just had to try it on after the sleeves came off the needles:

Sorry for the cruddy bathroom mirror pic but it was the best I could do at the time.

So far so good! The body is actually a few inches further along now thanks to going to see the Yarn Harlot yesterday (more about that on my blog) and a nail biting double overtime hockey game last night (my Sabres won!). I just can't wait to be wearing this completed top!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hey everyone! Here is my green gables.

I'm using cotton fleece in the "olivette" colorway.

I'm a few rows farther now and its just flying by. LOVE the pattern!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another New Member

Hello All,
I'm happy to be joining in for this KAL. This is the yarn I've chosen:

I can't wait to get started and see everyone's progress!


My yarn has arrived !

Hi Everyone !
My Cotton Fleece arrived this morning having taken only about 4 days to arrive in the UK after I ordered it on Ebay from Oregon Trail Yarn. I have never seen this yarn before and think it is wonderfully soft . I've chosen to knit the top in the Wisteria color. Hopefully, casting on will take place at the weekend.

Rebel Without a Clue

I've been knitting away on Gigi (slowly as promised) and still haven't gotten to the part where the arms get separated. I can't wait to get there so I can try it on and see if it is in desperate need of re-sizing. There's still a very real chance of frogging in my future. I'm still enjoying the pattern and the yarn, so that's good.

The Purl Ridge

Hi all!

I got this email from the Zephyr gals, designers of Green Gable:

I just saw a question on the ggkal and thought I would clear up the

People are ripping back to re knit a purl ridge but there is no need. You
should not have a purl ridge.
The pattern asks you to knit a row....
then purl the the next row.... (on the wrong side)
then connect in the round and work the pattern etc....

So there is no purl ridge. Just thought we would help out the confusion.


Thought I'd post it, since I saw a previous post that was asking about the purl ridge.

Best-Laid Plans and Blah Blah Blah

Well, I swatched the DB Wool Cotton I wanted to use, but its gauge is so far from the pattern gauge (25 sts/4" vs. 20 sts/4") that I'm just not up to the math. Especially not when there are so many appropriately-gauged yarns available. And ESPECIALLY not when I just learned that a local shop is selling Cotton Fleece at 50% off from today through Sunday. Now if I can just find time to get to said shop before the sale is over...


I've noticed several people (myself included) have left comments on previous posts about the sizing of this pattern.

It seems a lot of us are getting gauge spot on yet we're knitting up tiny garments!

I'm 5'2" and a 32" chest. Whatever I knit I always have to knit either the XS or S size and even then stuff can be a little on the large side ;). I started knitting the XS size of the GG but when I got to the armholes discovered it was way way too small. I think when I measured it it equalled a chest size of about 22". The fabric's stretchy, but not THAT stretchy!

I'm now knitting the 36" size (M) and it's looking much better. I think the fit will be fine now, but no way is this a garment that's 18" wide in the chest / body. This version is about 16" wide.

I had thought the problem might have been to do with the yarn I'm using. Not knowing anything about Cotton Fleece I figured at first that it must have amazing elastic properties, but now I'm starting to think that maybe, just maybe there's actually a problem in the sizing of the pattern.

Has anyone knit their "normal" size and got a garment that fits?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Joining the Party

Hi all! I just joined the KAL this afternoon and I'm thrilled to join you all to knit this great pattern. I bought the pattern over a month ago and this KAL is the inspiration to get started. A quick stop at my LYS to pick up some Tahki Cotton Classic in a beautiful blush color and I'm all set to go. I need to make some more progress on my Somewhat Cowl but as soon as I'm done, it's all about Green Gable.

Deena from Mohair Dreams

Need some advice please!

I started my GG last night and I just love the pattern.

Problem is that when you are sopose to purl back then join in the round. Some how I ended up knitting back again then joining in the round so I don't have that purl ridge on the top of the sweater.

Should I rip? Please help me decide.

I have to get past the lace part of this top before Friday so I will have some mindless knitting for when I get out of surgery on Friday. I would hate to see knitting lace while on pain meds!

***edit to add- Thanks everyone for your very timly comments! I really appreciate it. I have decided to rip! Off to the frog pond I go.

About going up a size I also though it looked small. My guage is fine but it does seem small. What bothers me most is I am making the largest sz already! Any suggestions?***

Okay this is my first KAL and I'm loving this pattern

After giving up buying yarn for Lent, I went to the LYS and prepared to buy some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for my Green Gable. Turns out they don't carry it...on my way out of the store I found this yarn. It is GGH Bali (50% cotton/50% acrylic) for $4/skein (I needed 5 skeins). I don't usually knit with blends but this pattern might do well with the blend as it is so fitted.

I've also learned that digital cameras just don't capture purples very I scanned it. This is a much truer representation of the color.

I started knitting last night...this is a fun pattern. However I'm concerned with the recent posts saying that it runs small...time will tell.

Lime Light Help!

Will I was working on a GG for gift in the CF lime light. The sleeves are off.I got my gauge without any issues. I brought the top over to my cousin that I'm knitting it for her birthday present. She loves the color and design but the sad part is, it's 2 sizes to small. This pattern is written well but the sizes are so much smaller then then said.....I measured her and She's definately, a XS for sure, she's flat........Anyway two sizes 2 small! Will fit my 6 y/o....YIKES! I'm greatly disappointed that since I'm an average body & waist but HUGE breasts. I would have to actually rewrite the entire pattern to make myself one... I'd need like a size 48-50! Anyway, my cousin's who I'm working on this for the 34 I now have to rip it all out and try to find more lime light CF because I have to go up I'm short 1 1/2 sks.. Any chance anyone has any? Color CW-840 Dyelot 012 would be great but not neccesary. Pretty Please!

Off Topic - White Lies Designs

Sorry to interrupt the Green Gable KAL but was wondering if anyone has knitted or knows someone who has knitted one of the beautiful sweaters designed by Joan of White Lies Designs. I found three that I'd love to try but would like to see someone elses results before plunking down the $ for the patterns.

My Yarn

My yarn arrived yesterday. Caribbean Blue. In the picture it looks a little more aqua than it actually is (and strangely enough that's the color I really wanted). A little brighter than I usually wear, but that's sorta why I choose it.

Green Gable - Take 2

I ripped out the old one and started fresh on Friday evening. I'm loving my Green Red Gable sweater. I'm thinking of adding some waist shaping to it for my wide hips.

I love seeing all the other Green Gables out there. I'll probably make another one (hopefully in green). Does anyone know what shade was used on the pattern?

Frogging and the natural order of things

Ok, so I did my first frogging of the Green Gable sweater. I should know better than to try to do anything that involves keeping track when I go to knitting group. Multi-tasking has never been my strong suit and last night just proved that point. I love being with my gals and hearing about their week so my focus quotient was definitely not there. I got home and realized that my counts were WAAAAAAY off on the front openwork. Not enough increases at the markers.

It is such fun to frog in front of my husband. From the look on his face you would think I was shredding the Shroud of Turin. He gets upset and says things like "It looked ok to me." Then he asks me if I'm ok, as if that was some kind of psychotic episode and the next phase is coming after him with a cleaver. Every time it happens I explain that this is just part of the natural cycle of creation and that he is in no physical danger. But I notice he keeps a low profile afterwards, probably afraid that I will blow up at the slightest provocation.

To be fair, I have not always been able to assume a calm serenity with my frogging. There was that baby blanket with its precise number of stitches and exact locations of yo's that nearly sent me over the edge. I frogged it eight times and then put it away before I acted on my urge to stab someone with the needles. I only take it out and work on it when I am feeling very calm and focussed.

I am not naturally a patient person. Knitting has taught me volumes about delayed gratification and the importance of long-term goals. I have learned that the joy is in the journey as well as the destination. Frogging is just a slight detour.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

yum.. avocado

hello everyone! i just received my yarn yesterday! i decided to buy it from ebay as they had the best price and a wide variety of colors (my LYS doesn't carry cotton fleece). this color, avocado, seems hard to come by but it looks very much like a few of the other greens i've seen. it'll be the first green thing that i've knit and how appropriate that it's "green" gables... and does anyone else out there love anne of green gables? every time i think of knitting this item i harken back to my teenage years of pouring over the anne books.

anyway, i won't be starting on this till may 1st at the very least. i have to finish my sockapaloooza socks and be done with a scarf before i can knit on this. i'll post again when i have progress..

oh.. here's that yarn i was talking about ;)

EDITED TO ADD: here is a link to the ebay seller that i got my yarn from... good prices and fast shipment in case your LYS doesn't sell cotton fleece.

Very bright green gable

This is my stash of cotton fleece, and I have enough of the Lime Light for a green gable- a much brighter than I usually wear, but it should be fun (I'm looking forward to actually knitting something in the recommended yarn!). I'm finishing up my Somewhat Cowl for another KAL, but looking forward to starting this- all of the ones that I've seen look great.


This is my first knitalong and I am wicked excited. I'll be doing mine in some beautiful purple cotton yarn from my stash. I promise to post pictures as I make progress (and even if I don't!)

Happy Knitting all!

Mary Ann

Button Help

Hi all - can someone help me get the button on my site. I'm still new to all this and can't seem to figure it out. Thanks.


Monday, April 17, 2006


change already! :) I truly wanted to make mine in a brown shade and I found a great deal on the I present..

Cotton Fleece in Truffle

I got enough for my top and the leftovers to go for the sleeves of another sweater. I also finally got all the needles in that I had ordered! I am ready to swatch now! Look forward to this and all the tops we've seen so far! Nice job everyone!

ETA: Ok, I am about to swatch in the round for this...which needle do I use the US6 or 4. It doesn't specifically state it, and as I haven't made a lot of sweaters, not sure on the rule of thumb! Thanks!

New Green Gabler

Hi all! I'm looking forward to this project. Still need to get the pattern and yarn. The pattern may give instructions, but for those who have started, how do you decide which size to make? I'm still sad that my last sweater knit in the round (and still unfinished) looks like it will be too big. I cannot bring myself to frog it, so will probably gift it instead.

I look forward to hearing everyone's progress and seeing all the pics. This will be my first KAL. Thanks to the hosts for setting it up!

Hi All, I'm really excited to be a part of this Knit-A-Long, it will be my first. I have only recently discovered the world of KAL's, knit blogs and how very technical alot of us Knitters are! I will be ordering the Brown Sheep for this, still trying to decide on Deep Sage or the Jade green and should be on track for the May 1st start. I've really enjoyed seeing how everyone else is doing and the different yarn and colour choices - very inspirational!

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Lime

As promised, here are photos of my nearly done "Lime" Green Gable. I know I'm probably way ahead of most but I still wanted to be a part of this KAL. I still have to finish the sleeves so that gives you all time to catch up.

I used Knit Picks Shine and worked very hard to get gauge since I was using size 4 needles. I couldn't figure out how to get the photo to turn out without the flash so you'll just have to trust me that it looks good on. It was so easy and fun to knit. Once it's really done I'll try to get hubby to take a finished photo. Meanwhile, good luck and I'll be checking in on everyone's progress. Oh and that spot that looks like a stain isn't - must've been my camera.....

Till Next Time.

dreaming of my purple gable!

This is my first KAL too & I'm super-excited. I fear I might get a little behind the rest of you... the beginning of May I'm running my first half-marathon (that's what I get for dating a marathoner - he won't just let me stay on the elliptical) and then I have FINALS - aahhh!!!! But I got my yarn in the mail today & may cast on soon to get a jump start :) I'm looking forward to wearing this gorgeous little sweater!
It's Prosperous Plum Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

So Glad to Be Here...

This is my first KAL and I am so excited to have finally made the leap into knitting blogdom. I got a little jump like some others and promise pictures soon. I am using Knit Picks Shine in a lime color for my "Lime" Green Gable. I love this pattern and love the way it looks - I am just finishing up the sleeves.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Sleeves are off!

It's coming along. I just seperated the sleeves from the body, so that means I have a lot of stockinette rounds ahead...wahoo! (Can you just feel my enthusiasm...) I am really loving how it's turning out. So I guess I'll keep on truckin'!


Well this KAL couldn't of come at a better time.. I needed to figure out a gift for someone for the end of May.. It's perfect! I found a couple shades of green in my stash, really working on using some stash really, although it's a good excuse to buy more yarn isn't it? Lime Light & Oriental Jade.. hmmm I relaly like the Oriental Jade for myself... so both it is....heeheee Besides I have more of the jade shade and I'll need it... Have to make the large size and maybe a little larger. Casting on early

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Hi everyone.

I had already cast on my GG before the KAL got set up and think I'll be finished before May 1st, but can already see I will knit more than one of these, so hope it's still ok to join in!

I'm knitting the first one in SWTC Soy Silk in shade "Chocolate", which was in my stash and the right gauge. I wasn't sure how this would compare to the yarn used in the pattern - I've never seen or used CF before as I'm in the UK - but so far it's knitting up really nicely.

I've already knit as far as the sleeve separation once, but have frogged and restarted as the size 32" was way too small. I'm now working on the 36" version. It's a quick knit so ripping back and starting again wasn't too bad!

I plan to possibly make the sleeves a bit longer, and will probably add to the body length as well. I'm already planning on knitting #2 in Cotton Fleece, and would love to knit a long sleeved version.

Looking forward to seeing how everyone's versions turn out!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Substituting yarn

Has anyone found any substitutes for Cotton Fleece? It's not that I can't find it or don't like it, I'm just wondering about other options.
Can't wait to start Green Gable, and I started a blog this morning; I'm busy reading a book from the library on how to make it interesting! I still have to pick up the yarn and some of the needles for GG.

Joining in...

Hi everyone. I wanted to do this little number for a little while. I saw Knit and Tonic Wendy's version and fell in love. I have my pattern and now I'm searching for my yarn. I recently started another summer top in Cotton Fleece "Plum Patina". It's a really lovely antique purple with great drape. I haven't decided what color to use for this one yet.

I can't wait to see everyone's FOs. Thanks for hosting this KAL!

Got a jump start

I started my Green Gable sweater before the knitalong got set up, but I figured that I would join anyway. I ordered my Cotton Fleece in Wisteria from Ebay, got it on Monday, and here is the progress I have made so far. I really love this pattern. It is easy and fast. I think when I am done I might actually have a sweater that I will wear.

Can't wait to see all the other Green Gables as the knitalong gets going.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Another Kim Here!

Hi everyone! I'm also knitting Green Gable in Wild Sage Cotton Fleece. I thought the color was the same as what Zonda posted but upon closer inspection it's a little different.

I'm really looking foward to knitting along with you guys and May 1st is perfect since my SockapalOOOza socks will be done and sent off to my pal :o)

Hey there Green Gablers!

I'm so excited we have so many on board already! I've got my yarn ... it took me forever to decide between 'malibu blue' and 'wild sage!' I'm trying not to start early, but I'm a slow knitter so maybe it wouldn't hurt. ;)

Oh, has anyone else had issues with the way cotton fleece is wound? I ended up with a mass of knots that took quite a while to untangle.
Hi Everybody!!

I'll be knitting GG in the same color Cotton Fleece as the one on the model. It's Wild Sage.
In person, the color looks like it has much more of a grey undertone than pictured. I still like it though! I just may have to make another in a different color. All of your colors so far are so pretty!
Anyway, I'll order the pattern tomorrow and then, I'll officially be ready to go on May 1. This gives me enough motivation to hurry up and finish Forecast.

My Red Gable

Cotton Fleece in Candy Apple Red

Although I've started on this, I know I made some errors. The one in the lace panel is not noticeable. However I can't disregard the one on the front of the left sleeve. Since I can't get it out of my head, I've decided to rip it all and start from scratch. Good thing I wrote down my mods to raglan length.

I look forward to seeing all the other Green Gables.

Update: I ripped the entire sweater and rewound into balls on Friday (4/14). Somehow, I found it so liberating. I re-started again that evening and as of Sunday evening I'm 5" into the body. I'm definitely happier with it now.

Hello Green Gables!

Hey Everyone! Even though I have already cast on for Green Gables, I am so excited to be included in this KAL. I decided to use the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in shade CW-365 Peridot (the yarn is not as light as it looks in the pictures). Perfect for spring, no?

So far I am really loving this project. The pattern is simple and I am digging the yarn.

Planned alterations to the pattern: I am pretty sure I am going to make the sleeves longer. A girl just can't feel pretty if arm chub is hanging out. I might also add an inch or so to the overall length as well. And I need to decide if I want to add some more decreases to the body to create more shape.

Can't wait to see what colors and alterations y'all come up with!


Hey ya'll,
Just wanted to let you know that the list of members on the sidebar should automatically update when a new member is added. The links go to your Blogger profile. If you don't see your name on the list and you know you responded to the invite email, let me or Kelly know!



I've officially renamed my Green Gable 'Gigi'. Green Gable - G.G. - see where I'm going.

She's in a lovely blue-grey Cascade Sierra, which to my inexperienced hand feels a little nicer than the Cotton Fleece (although not hugely so; I think it's just a personal preference). I'd already cast her on before I heard about the KAL, so I'm just knitting a little bit more slowly so I don't totally lose my motivation before the first. Besides, there's a very good chance I'll have to frog the whole thing before the 1st anyway. =)


Hi everyone! I don't know yet what yarn I'm going to use -- I'd really like to use something from my stash but it's all the wrong gauge. I have several choices that are 22 sts/4", so I'm going to see if I can make that work, otherwise I think I might try adjusting the pattern to fit my gauge. I also want to add some waist shaping so as long as I'm doing all that math, I figure I might as well go all the way.

Even if I don't change the gauge I'm still going to do the shaping, so if I work out those numbers at the pattern's original gauge I'll share it here for anyone who wants it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

May 1st....

Hi everyone! I'm glad to be here!

I have two colors of Cotton Fleece to choose from in the stash! I cannot decide...
Berry or Green!
What to do.... :)

Look forward to seeing everyones color & yarn choice. I am also not sure what size to make. Does the CE shrink at all, despite being in my stash, have never used it. So for now I'll be swatching :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Welcome to the Knit Along!

Hey there, Green Gable Knitters! We're gearing up to start the knitalong on May 1st.