Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Went ahead and started

So I got my yarn for KAL!!!!!! Yea!!!!

I ended up getting the Cotton Fleece yarn and I love it. I have never knitted with this particular yarn before but so far so good. The colorway is Dusty Sage and I think this picture is as true a representation of the color as I could get.
I couldn't wait until May 1st to get started because I am VERY impatient, so I went ahead and casted on. Yesterday I got a few rows past the lace part and tonight I work I hope to get at least to dividing out for the sleeves. This is only my 2nd sweater ever and I think it is coming along nicely, especially after reading everyone else's posts.

Here she is just relaxing on the bed.

And here she is at the pond, where I tried to work on it but only got a few rows done.


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