Monday, May 15, 2006

New Addition

Hi all! I'm just joining, a little late than most but I'm still here! I am using Cascade Yarns Sierra in color #60, which is kind of a mahogany brown, and am only just finished with the lace portion. I had no idea about using the backward loop cast-on and so used a long tail. I also apparently messed it up with the purl row right at the beginning, but I don't think it looks really that different from the picture they provide with the pattern. Here's my progress so far and hopefully much more to come soon!


Blogger tenizmom said...

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Blogger tenizmom said...

The pattern does not state type of cast on and DOES state the first row is a purl row so if you follow the pattern as we tend to do that's what happens. Many have done it this way myself included and it turns out okay. Looks great!

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