Saturday, May 06, 2006

Stitch count for M

I'm using Caribbean Sea Cotton Fleece and getting the stitch gauge with a size 7 Denise needle. I'm loving the pattern, but having difficulty because (as mentioned in a previous post) there really aren't any stitch counts listed at relevant points in the pattern (e.g. after completing part A & B, etc). After a few false starts, I got as far as round C and D. I started comparing the math and my stitch counts weren't coming out properly (I think).

Maybe someone can point out where my math is not coming correctly. I'm making the medium size.

After part A & B, my total stitch count is 190 sts.

After round C & D, my total stitch count is 278 sts.

At this point ("removing sleeves"), the sleeves (57 sts each) are placed on waste yarn, leaving 164 sts for the body. Now if I look at the math post, 164 sts are calculated for the small size (32.8 inches is not going to work for me).

Where did I miss the 22 sts?


Blogger High Energy Jenny said...

Knit_Chick, YOU are correct!!! I am wrong. I am about to post a huge correction. THANKS!

5:42 PM  
Blogger Jackie F. said...

You must be making the same size I am, Size M, because those are the numbers I calculated. I'm concerned about the bust measurement 32.8" since I'm knitting mine in 100% mercerized cotton (Tahki Cotton Classic). I'm thinking that I'll probably do 7 repeats for Part A/B and 12 repeats for Parts C/D. That'll give me 176 sts and a 35.2" bust measurement. If it still doesn't fit, I guess I'll add more.

8:17 PM  

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