Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I've been progressing on my Green Clark Gable. I think this sweater needs a little more waist and hip shaping than the pattern dictates. I like my girly wear to be, well, girly. My waist isn't all that small, but I find a little extra shaping goes a long way. Are any of you Gablers modifying this pattern at all? If so, how? I always tinker with patterns a little here and there, and I'm curious how others are adapting this cutie to their own needs and wants.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to wear this before Spring jumps right into Summer here in NYC. Here's a quick shot of my progress:

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Blogger Zonda said...

lovely color!

7:55 PM  
Blogger Maxmom said...

I agree, the sweater - while a wonderful and fun pattern - does need more shaping. I was one of the early adopters of this knit so didn't realize that I should add hip increases until it was complete. I plan to knit another and will include the aforementioned shaping.

5:36 AM  
Blogger KellyHL said...

Love the sweater and the color! Let us know what kind of mods you make. :)

11:01 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

That's such a pretty colour!

11:51 PM  

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