Monday, May 01, 2006


Sucked it up and had to frog about a skeins worth of yarn from the GG yesterday. I was down to about my waist and I couldn't deny it any longer, it was waaaayyyyy too big. I'm knitting the third size to accomidate the girls but the pattern just didn't give nearly enough waist shaping for my body so I'm tweaking the pattern a bit. I pulled back to where I separated the sleeves and the body and am doing a decrease round every tenth round which by my math should make GG hit my waist about 4" less around than my chest. I was pregnant last summer and I didn't want to look it with an overly large top this summer. So far it's going well and the gradual decreasing is more body hugging which I like. I'm also changing the way the decreases are done because I'm picky like that. The pattern uses two k2togs but I'm doing ssk, k1, slm, k1, k2tog which looks better to me because the decreases both lean towards the underarm (I'm a bit anal retentive when it comes to left and right leaning decreases and symmetry, weird I know). I think I'll have to add some increases for the hips the same way as I decreased but we'll see how it goes. Right now I'm about four inches into the body and it's knitting up really quickly.


Blogger J Strizzy said...

I don't think that's overly anal -- I was planning to do the same. In fact I have a feeling I would work symmetrical decs automatically when I got to that point even if I hadn't thought of it ahead of time.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

Good for you! I was a litle bit bugged about the decreases myself. I went with the pattern on this one but plan to make some alterations the next time. Your attention to detail will be rewarded!

12:51 PM  
Blogger kim said...

To compensate for the Girls, have you tried working short rows. I find that helps for me. I'm a size 4, buy my bust area is not. I normally work a series of short rows in that area to compensate. That's what I plan to do here once I get to that point. If I worked it the way you have, I'd end up with way too much fabric under the arms. I'm sure you know what works best for you, but maybe this could help someone else.

6:05 AM  

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