Monday, May 01, 2006

what am i doing wrong?

Wahhhhh! I've casted on several times, and something's just not working with those first few rows. I went back and read the posts, and that's not helping either. I've tried:
  • casting on, working a purl row, and joining
  • casting on, working a knit row, then a purl row, and joining,
  • and maybe even a few other ways and I'm still getting either a purl ridge or some other weirdness.
I'm not the most experienced knitter, but I've knit several things in the round before, including a sweater, and I'm so frustrated! Any help would be appreciated!


Blogger High Energy Jenny said...

Kelly -

Can you show us a picture of what is happening??

9:38 PM  
Blogger KellyHL said...

Sure, but I'll have to do it over since I've ripped it once again! I'll post a pic in the morning. :)

9:43 PM  
Blogger Carrieoke said...

Hey girlie!
The directions are a little confusing. Here's what I did, and it worked:
1. Cast on and place all the markers like the directions say to.
2. After you finish casting on, you should join the round (so after casting on the right half of the back, ignore that line that says purl across the next row - you should just join and keep knitting. The join is the start of your round.)

3. Then, follow the directions as written (which means you keep knitting until the one st before the first marker and do the inc, etc.)

Let me know if this helps!

9:46 PM  
Blogger High Energy Jenny said...

Hey Kelly -

I forgot Carrie had posted about this before.

I think the issue is that if you use certain types of cast-ons, like the "backward loop" method, you have to work the next row to actually finish the cast on.

Most of us use a long-tail or knitted cast-on, cable cast-on, etc. and those are done when they are on the needles. No need for the purl row. Skip it, per advice from the great and powerful Carrieoke. ;-)

12:05 AM  
Blogger KellyHL said...

thanks you two! I tried one more time last night, with the same craptastic results, and I was feeling like such an idiot! I am using the long-tail cast on, so I'm going to try Carrie's advice today. Unfortunately, I have to wait until lunch! Darn work!

5:27 AM  
Blogger zephyr galz said...

Hi girls,

We are really excited about all the beautiful tops you all are knitting. This Kal has been so fun to follow!

But we did have a few concerns... as seen in previous comments you are getting advice to cast on in other ways. This is not suggested as it creates a neck line that is too small and not the nice boat neck you see on the pattern picture. Just follow directions as pattern says. Cast on... using backward loop version.... do a purl row on wrong side, and then join and knit as pattern follows with right side facing out.

If anyone is having problems or is frustrated with the pattern please let us know. We have seen a handful of tops in all sizes that came out with the correct neck line. If you are getting a neck line that is too tight it is a result of alternate cast ons or something else. We would be more than happy to help and answer questions so that you all get gg's that you like. We are concerned that you are getting false advice as far as the pattern goes so please don't hesitate to ask and we can get you going in the right direction. =)

Happy Knitting!
~zephyr girlz

9:42 AM  
Blogger KellyHL said...

I was all set to cast on (again) using Carrie's advice, when I saw the Zephyr girls' note about the backward loop cast on. So, I just gave that a whirl, and lo and behold, it worked! I hadn't realized that a certain type of cast on was needed. But I think I'm off and running now!

11:23 AM  
Blogger Carrieoke said...

My directions don't specify the backward loop method of casting on.

The pattern I have only says to 'cast on', so I used the cable cast on, which is how I normally cast on.

The method I used worked perfectly for me, so just trying to help. :)

11:27 AM  
Blogger zephyr galz said...

I'm so glad that you are happy with your top! I think as long as you get the result you want, then that is all that matters. =)

As far as the unhappy results, I think some of the size issues were do to the alternate cast on making a titer and higher neck... so that when it came time to cast off the sleeves the top was not at the underarm yet. In contrast, the backward loop is a really loose cast on and it starts the neck much lower, in turn, putting the underarm just where it needs to be.

We are going to change the pattern to specify a backward loop cast on so that it is no longer confusing. It has been great to see the knit along so that we can better understand how the knitting community interprets our patterns. It has taught us to make sure we are very specific with
instructions/CO method in future patterns.

So thank you to everyone on all the input and things they would have liked to see in the pattern. Also, thank you to Kelly and Carrie for all the work put in to this Kal.

Ta-Ta for now you sassy knitters!

1:24 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

My pattern didn't specify either and I did my usual long tail cast on and the purl row before joining in the round. I have worked several repeats of the lace and am now concerned that about whether or not to continue or start over. Zephyr galz, is there a way to salvage this cast on? Do I just need to make sure that I am at the underarms before I cast off the sleeves?

6:58 PM  
Blogger zephyr galz said...

Yep... Just make sure you're at the under arm when you cast off the sleeves. The neck will be more of a crew neck line rather than a wide boat neck. So it's up to you as far as the look you want. No wrong way.... just what ever you like best. =)

6:16 AM  

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