Sunday, May 07, 2006

Caribbean Sea Gable

I think I have everything straighted out in regards to the size I want. I am now going to start with a clean slate. Here is a photo of my yarn choice:

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Caribbean Sea (CW520)

After a few false starts, my yarn has been frogged and re-wound into lovely little cakes (they stack better... and I'll use any excuse to use my ball winder). I'm using size 7 Denise needles since that's the size where I'm getting the gauge. Plus, I like the fact that I can try it on for size whenever I feel like it just by adding a cord with the extender.

I originally cast-on with the medium in mind. A big thank you to Jenny for clearing up and calculating the math for all the sizes. I've decided to knit the large. I also decided to write everything out round-by-round. I tried to post it here, but the current Blogger settings didn't format my table properly (no biggie). If anyone is interested, you can see the method to my madness here.


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