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Planning for Short Rows

Hi everyone! I just joined and wanted to say "hey." This is going to be a fun pattern! 'Just bought my yarn yesterday, CO, and finished the first time through Parts A and B. Is anyone else using a different yarn? My LYS didn't have the pattern yarn, so I got Tahki Cotton Classic #3331 brownish red. It seems pretty resilient since it's mercerized. I don't think it's going to be quite as stretchy as regular cotton.

Anyway, I was wondering... Does anyone else plan on doing short rows at the bust? Even if I did another set of repeats for Parts A&B and/or Parts C&D, I will still have to do short rows and think that I'll try the Japanese version. I did wrapped short rows for Picovoli using KnitPicks Shine and wasn't satisfied with the result (I liked the outcome of the sweater as a whole, just not the spots where the picked up wraps used to be). I'm hoping the Japanese version of pinned loops looks better. Now I just need to search the internet for suggestions on how many rows to incorporate and in how many increments from the edge for my size. ...Unless someone here has suggestions? My bust measurement is 36.5" and I'm making a Size M where the finished bust measurement is 32.8" (164 sts total for front + back). For those of you who are done (or nearly done): How did the bust area fit? Did you need to do short rows?


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I thought about doing short rows, and about doing increases in the front but not in the back. In the end I decided it would just be easier to agressively decrease. About 4" after it was joined at the sleeves I tried it on and figure out when I got below the breast line. I then did the same decreases described at the waist every three rows. This nipped it in ata couple of inches at the waist. I then knit about an inch at the narrowist and started increasing again for hipage. I think it turned out pretty well. The beauty of a top down raglan is you can keep trying it on to test the fit.

I also knit it in KnitPick Shine Worsted. I didn't like knitting with it as it shed a lot. I wore it to sheep an wool though and it it didn't shed much at all. Can't beat the price, but I don't know if I will use it again.

Good luck

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