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Lace pattern mistake - frog again?

Hi Everyone - I've been following this blog very closely and love the beautiful green gables I'm seeing. I've been working on my green gable for about a month, using cotton fleece, in the color of Oriental Jade. I've frogged many times for several reasons, mistake in lace pattern, sizing concerns, mistake in lace pattern, wrong method of cast on, mistake in lace pattern and so on, and so on. . . .

At this point -–

It's time I asked for help.

I can relate to all you who have frogged many times. I am on my 8th version of this sweater. These are my main concerns:

curlypurly - I've had the same problem as you. I keep getting an extra stitch on the first B Section (I'm knitting a size M too). I emailed Zephergirls, but never got a response - I think this was on version #3. I've just been knitting the stitch and moving on. Of course, my lace pattern is wrong, so it's time I figured this out.

Brenda, ChickKnit, When you say "forgetting a YO at the end of Section B", I'm not sure I understand. When I do my increase rows, whether Section A or Section B, I YO, K2tog or K2tog, YO until there is one stitch left, then I do my increases. Am I missing a step?

The reason I ask is I am doing SOMETHING wrong and can't figure out what. And I have been doing this SOMETHING wrong 8 times. My lace pattern isn't right, it's pretty, but it's not right. And, dang it, I'm determined to get this right. :)

A big thank you for the math calculations that have been done. This tells me I need to repeat Section A and B one more time to add a little room. You gals are awesome!

If anyone can look at these pictures and tell me what I've done wrong, I would be very appreciative.


Blogger knit_chick said...

The lace pattern is fine if you follow it correctly, which I didn't for part B. I got over-zealous with my YOs (or lack of).

Keep in mind the repeat for Part B is [K2tog, YO]. For me, I kept forgetting the final YO (before the inc). That omission left the lace pattern section with an odd number of sts. When I would got back to Part A, was off.

Once I got that straight in my head, the lace pattern came out fine.

I wound up writing out how many sts I would have for each section and each row on paper (gotta love Excel and the formula feature). When I would finish up the lace section, I would count to make sure that I didn't omit any YOs (it was slow, but I avoided any further frogging). After a while, I was able to visually check if I made that final YO for Part B.

I would suggest just taking some time out after each section and/or round and count the sts to make sure everything is there. It's only for the beginning, but in the long you'll probably save time because you won't be ripping the entire thing & starting over.

8:50 AM  
Blogger drdesigns said...

Thank you for the reply!

I'm not adept at math and do not know how to calculate how many stitches I'll have at the end of each round.

I thought the pattern was easy to follow. K2tog, YO or YO K2tog seems pretty simple. I've knitted simple lace patterns before with no problem. For some reason, this one is trying my patience.

If I understand correctly, I'll ALWAYS end Section B with a YO?

And, if Section B always ends with a YO does section A always end with K2tog?

I'm going to frog again, print out a fresh pattern and make notes, per Jenny's post on how many stitches I'll have at the end of part a A and B. I wish the pattern gave stitch counts for each round, that might keep me on track better and immediately clue me in on when I’ve made a mistake.

I appreciate everyone's math calculations. They will be a great help.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Brenda said...

If I understand correctly, I'll ALWAYS end Section B with a YO?

And, if Section B always ends with a YO does section A always end with K2tog?

Absolutely correct. And in each case, there will still be one stitch left before the marker. This is the stitch that you'll make your increase with.

9:25 AM  
Blogger drdesigns said...

Thanks Brenda! That helps a lot.

I'm printing out a fresh pattern now.

9:42 AM  
Blogger zephyr galz said...

First of all I'm so sorry that we didn't reply!! We try really hard to reply to all questions asap and I'm so sorry that you never heard from us!

As far as your lace pattern goes... the answer that knitchick gave is right on.

If you forget to do that last YO on part B before you increase then your lace pattern gets off track.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Carrieoke said...

I know this probably doesn't make you feel better, but your lace does look REALLY pretty. :)

5:47 AM  
Blogger kim said...

This is the exact same thing that happened to my lace pattern. It's now some type of diagonal lace pattern that I can deal with. I'm not going to rip it because a)I noticed it on the last round of the lace pattern, and b)I intend to knit another and I'll make sure that one is correct. If you can live with it, I suggest you leave it and keep truckin'. It's still a pretty lace pattern. HTH

10:50 AM  
Blogger drdesigns said...

Finally, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was doing my YO as a seperate stitch and then K2tog. Once I realized the YO was part of the K2tog, my lace pattern came out right.

9:04 AM  

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