Monday, May 08, 2006

On to Number 2 - Question though???

Hi all, I loved my Lime Green Gable sooooo much that I decided to make another. This one is for my mom who also loved mine. It's for Mother's Day and I just cast on. No, I don't expect to be done in time but I'm hoping to be far enough along so that she can try it on and make sure it fits before I finish it up. My question is this, is anyone trying a different finish for the sleeves and the hem. I love my Gigi but not thrilled about the ribbed bottom - not sure I like how it lays. I've thought about using a garter stitch or moss stitch or even using the lace for the bottom rib. Any thoughts????


Blogger fibersnob said...

I was thinking about a turned hem actually. Knit to how long you want your GG to be, purl one round (turning round) then knit a facing of a few rounds then fold up the hem and stitch the live stitches down on the inside.

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