Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blue Gable here

Hello all. I joined the KAL a couple of weeks ago and I started the Green Gable before the KAL date b/c I just couldn't wait. When I saw the pattern, I had to start it, had to buy the yarn, the whole nine. I'm really enjoying the pattern. It's simple and easy and I enjoy the rounds of stockinette.
I took this pic last weekend, but made a lot of progress since then and worked maybe 5-7 inches past the sleeves, as they were dropped off.

But I attempted to increase a couple of stitches in the bust area without doing them on the raglan lines, but in the bust area. They were very visible, but I kept knitting for inches and inches and finally decided I couldn't stand it any longer. So today I ripped back to almost the lace and am almost to the point of taking the sleeves off the needles yet again. Just 1-2 more rows so they can be done. And then I'll just keep knitting. I'm not a perfectionist knitter, but I really should have taken care of that error earlier, so those are the breaks. It's good thing I really enjoy knitting with the Cotton Fleece. The colorway I've chosen is Columbine Blue. It's a very pretty blue with a hint of purple undertone.

Check with y'all later.


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What a pretty color!

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