Sunday, June 18, 2006

Finally Posting!

After reading for a while, I'm finally posting here! I cast on the Green Gables using a different yarn, it looked beautiful, but I realized that it would take about $70 worth of rip, rip, rip. Then I bought the Cotton Fleece online in Twilight (which I think is discontinued so I bought 4 skeins at $6.95 each from Oregon Trail Yarns). I love the color and think it's funny how I hardly ever use the yarn actually called for! I usually knit loosely so to get gauge I went down to a size 5 (I got 18 st to 4 inches- but I don't like tight fits so I thought this would work).

It seems like a lot of us have cast on for this a number of times. I messed up somehow with the lace, and restarted twice, then it went pretty quickly. But then I noticed something odd on the back. The stitches look like they're going in a different direction....but when I tug on the sweater it goes away. I hope this disappears when I block it!

I kept on going and now I'm onto the boring part....but also exciting, because it does fit. Yes, loosely but that's what I like, and it's so soft and light feeling. Something I will be able to wear this summer, maybe even next week! I hope to have a completed sweater up soon. My knitting site is here.


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